Three Somali-Canadian YouTubers make a video

This video, composed of various visual texts, tells the story of an award-winning production made by three female YouTubers – Kayf, Hodan, and Fartousa. Viewers get a glimpse into their DIY video making processes, including planning, shooting, and screenings at the Paley Center for Media and the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU in New York City. This short clip highlights how these YouTubers use humour to speak back to stereotypes circulating in mainstream media representations of Muslim females and absence in the school curriculum. Their participation in YouTube culture can be considered an example of a critical digital literacy practice in action. We also get a sense of what this media work means to these young women. With the assistance of professional documentary filmmaker Peter Beisterfeld, researcher and youth texts have been edited into this final cut to share with teacher, researcher, and youth audiences. Our hope is to provoke much-needed conversations in-between youth engaged in new literacies practices outside of school and teachers in the classroom.