Preparing to Co-Present at Upcoming Academic Conferences

We are currently preparing to present our work at two upcoming conferences being held at the University of Ottawa, as follows:

1) Writing Muslim youth perspectives into Canadian curriculum theorizing: The disruptive im/possibilities of the YouTube series, Chronicles of a Somali Girl. International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies. University of Ottawa. Ottawa, ON. [Date: Friday, May 29, from 10:15 to 11:45. Room: LMX 220]

2) How Muslim female YouTubers embody a DIY media-making ethic and what we can learn from them. Pre-conference of the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada. University of Ottawa. Ottawa, ON. [Saturday, May 30th].

3) Making a video with youth as curriculum inquiry: Complicating identities in-between process and product. Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies. Annual Congress of the Humanities. University of Ottawa. [Monday, June 1, from 1:15 to 2:45].

June 13 the process brainstorm specs veil

In May 2014, Fartousa, Hodan, Kayf and I presented our work as part of a Canadian Society for Curriculum Studies panel I organized on Muslim youth making media, at Brock University. We also presented at the same conference in a session on the Canadian Association for Studies of Women in Education (CASWE) Program.

CASWE group

Fartousa Siyad, Hodan Hujaleh, Diane Watt, and Kayf Abdulqadir at our CASWE session. Title of our presentation: Collaborative documentary film-making with Muslim, female youth: Engaging critical digital literacies in teacher education. Canadian Association for the Study of Women in Education. Annual Congress of the Humanities. Brock University, St. Catharines, ON.

Group shot Panel at CSSE

Participants at our 2014 panel session. Title: Critical perspectives on Muslim youth making media. Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, Annual Congress of the Humanities. Brock University.

After the conference we talked about what it meant to each of us to participate in these sessions as youth/researcher collaborators. Excerpts from interview transcripts of those conversations and how those experiences constitute our emerging understanding of collaboration will be posted on this website in the future as we progress with our ongoing analysis.