Screening our Documentary at NAMLE Philadelphia

Session: Muslim, Female, YouTubers Speak Back: Collaborating on a Documentary for Teacher Education

Presenters: Diane Watt, Fartousa Siyad, Kayf Abdulqadir, Hodan Hujaleh

During this session we share our experiences collaborating on a documentary for teacher education that tells the story of the DIY media making practices and experiences of three female youth from the marginalized Somali-Canadian Muslim community. In our presentation we screen clips from our documentary to discuss: why they do this work, the content of their videos, their DIY practices, how their videos are being received globally, and what it means to them to be successful YouTubers. These pioneers are the first Muslim females worldwide to produce comedic videos on YouTube, and they negotiate a range of responses from various communities. In spite of challenges, they remain determined to speak back to stereotypes in the mass media and absence in the school curriculum. We hope our documentary will initiate discussions with youth, educational, and community audiences on how youth are demonstrating leadership and making a difference through DIY media.

Time: Friday, June 26 From 1:45 to 2:45
Strand: Intercultural /International Dialogue
Where: Salon 3

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