3 Things You Should Know About My Hijab Screened at Youth Event in Times Square

Kayf Abdulqadir’s award-winning video – 3 Things You Should Know About My Hijab – was screened on November 3 in Times Square! This short video is certainly making the rounds! Shot and edited in a single day, this video and the international attention it is attracting demonstrates the potential of DIY youth media making to engage social justice issues. In this video Kayf, Hodan, and Sarah use humour to speak back to dominant meanings circulating in the mass media related to Muslim females.

From UNAOC and IOM’s press release:

“On this occasion, several videos addressing the impact of global conflicts on children were shown on Times Square’s big screens. Among the videos screened was a montage of previous winning films from PLURAL+ International Youth Film Festival depicting positive migration, social integration and youth opportunities despite displacement.

PLURAL+ – a joint initiative by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – focuses on migration, diversity and social inclusion, aiming to foster dialogue, partnership and actions on critical issues along with opportunities faced by youth worldwide.”

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