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Working with Youth: Tarbiyah Media Production Projet (Winter & Spring 2014) 

Enthusiastic about the benefits they have personally experienced as YouTubers creating ground-breaking videos, Kayf, Hodan, and Fartousa are dedicated to helping other female youth get into media making.

During the 2014-2015 school year Kayf, Fartousa, Hodan and Diane co-ordinated a pilot project with a group of high school students at Tarbiyah Learning, a private Islamic School in Ottawa. Ghazala Choudhary, the Principal of Tarbiyah, had been a student in Diane’s Bachelor of Education course, Schooling and Society, at the University of Ottawa. For her final assignment in the course Ghazala created an inspiring website resource for educators on working with Muslim students. Ghazala and her brother Asad were also invited to give a talk at the Werklund School of Education in the Fall of 2013 [See: Education students get a lesson in inclusivity: Workshop entitled ‘The Muslim Mind: Embracing Inclusion in Today’s Classroom’].

After months of consultations with students, staff, and parents at Tarbiyah our research team put together an informal curriculum to guide our lunch hour media club workshops with the female students at Tarbiyah, who were in grades 10 to 12. Together with staff and students at the school, we decided to call the media club: The Tarbiyah Media Production Project.

Handbook     mfytsb1  Tarbiyah girl filming me doing interview

coulourful shot at Tarbiya  Far ipad at Tarbiyah copy  Kayf at Tarbiyah with camera  Marwa's screening July 3, 2014


Tarbiyah cameras Hodan Kayf at Tarbiyah faces  slider1

(under construction… to be continued)


Resources for Youth Interested in DIY Media Making:

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