Our Documentary

The Final Cut




Rough Cut Screening at NAMLE Conference in Philadelphia

On June 26, 2015 Kayf, Hodan, Fartousa and I held the first public screening of the first rough cut of our documentary at the Conference of the National Association of Media Literacy Education, in Philadelphia. We are currently in the last stages of the final editing version. To see how the documentary is progressing we are sharing the second rough cut:

This short documentary tells the story of the media-making experiences of Kayf, Fartousa, and Hodan and what it means to them to be successful YouTubers with a global following. We hope it will be of interest to teacher, youth, and community audiences.

We are preparing Discussion Guides, which will also soon be posted here on our website. One will be for teachers who would like to share this documentary with youth to provoke conversations related to identities, video production, and/or media literacies. Another is intended for Teacher Educators interested in introducing teacher candidates to critical youth perspectives and YouTube as a critical digital literacy practice.

During this phase of our project we are collaborating with Peter Biesterfeld, founder of DocSchool, and founder and co-ordinator of the Doc­u­men­tary Pro­duc­tion Pro­gram at Algo­nquin Col­lege in Ottawa. Peter is a script-to-screen media pro­ducer, doc­u­men­tary maker, free­lance writer, and screen pro­duc­tion trainer.

The final version of our documentary will soon be posted to this website so that it can be shared widely.

During the 2015-16 academic year Fartousa, Hodan, Kayf and Diane plan to hold public screenings of this documentary at schools and other public venues. We are interested in initiating conversations and audience response to our work. Please get in touch with Diane if you would like to host us for a screening event. We are located in the Ottawa area and are able to travel by car within the region.

For more information, please email Diane at: dwatt@uottawa.ca

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